Hand Analysis is a fast paced, intriguingly visual, interactive and a refreshingly insightful experience. Be brave and be ready for an adventure into the terrain of your unique self ~ you literally have the map in your own hands, and I am your expert guide!

I am a Certified Graduate of the International School of Hand Analysis, S.F. , 2001, and have read over 500 pairs of hands. Our DESTINATION is insight and information that can motivate you to move forward in your life with more EASE, CONFIDENCE and ACCEPTANCE. It is not predictive, but aspects of your personality reside in your palms, and tells us about your style of relating to the world, the people in it and responses you get back as a result.

Hands are our SILENT communicators.

I REVERE Hands. The LOVE they express, the hands we HOLD, the millions of TASKS they preform, the CARE they give, everything that’s BUILT by them, CUISINE they prepare, pages WRITTEN, gardens TENDED, textures FELT, their physical individuality and GESTURES.

After completed the course in Hand Analysis I persevered into what has become my passion. My PURPOSE brings me joy and fulfillment.

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