I have had four readings from Christina over the last 10 years, and gave a gift of readings to each of my close friends and family members. It’s been helpful in rethinking my approach to business and how I want to pursue my future. Christina’s insights and ability to articulate information supportively, creates an experience that is truly profound and mind expanding.


This is real stuff, based on in depth study and analysis of what our hands tell about our who we are, our purpose, our lessons on earth and what we are meant to do with it all. Better than therapy!

Buff L.

Christina is able to interpret in a most professional and knowledgeable way our challenges, gifts, and talents to better live fulfilling lives here on earth.

Sharon D.

Christina looked at my hand, saw where I’d been, saw where I was, and clearly pointed out where it was possible for me to go.

David R.

Christina Miles is extremely gifted and intuitive. Her readings gave me the tools I needed to find peaceful resolutions to everyday conflicts and I now have a deeper sense of peace. I can now balance work, time for family, friends and enjoying myself without the endless chain of emergencies… Life is much more manageable. I feel incredibly grateful to have met her.

Kathleen M.

Our hands hold a plethora of information… if only we can INTERPRET IT! Christina has studied over a long period of time and her guidance has been invaluable. She is patient and kind and has “the gift.” I highly recommend her wonderful work.

Shary F.