I will TRANSLATE the language of your hands using my professional training and experience in a FUN, VALIDATING and SUPPORTIVE way.

Our adventure begins by inking and printing both of your palms and watching as the fascinating lines and patterns reveal themselves. We will investigate, analyze the major lines:

LIFE ~ health – constitution – sense of safety
FATE ~ career – stability – finances – roadblocks
HEAD ~ psychological disposition – thought processing style
HEART ~ relationships – temperament
SUN ~ creativity – happiness

The heart line is my favorite, and the Route 66 of them all!

The heart line tells us what makes your ticker happy, the connection style you prefer, your comfort zone and how much time and space you need. It will also tell how you are FUNDAMENTALLY built to express and receive LOVE. Validating and staying true to your emotional nature can lead to self-acceptance, ease and freedom to be your authentic self.

palm reading

Equally important are your FINGERPRINTS.

Unique as snowflakes, each fingerprint is encoded with very specific information and clues regarding your LIFE’S THEME, PURPOSE and main LESSON. We will place each inked fingerprint onto a chart according to location and begin decoding. This is the same forensic fingerprint recognition chart used globally. We will be using it in quite a different manner!

My goal is to give you this reading with an open heart, inspire you to be the best you can be, stay curious, and move along with more ease, acceptance and empathy for yourself.

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