HAND-PRINTS are found throughout history around the world.

Hand-prints are iconic markings symbolizing an individual’s existence. It is the most rarefied statement, ‘I have been here!’ And may have been the first cultural graffiti, the first markings of individuation. Even today children make plaster molds of their hands as precious keepsakes for their parents, or impressions into wet cement on driveways and foundations.

Hand impressions are found in many cultures, and throughout time are symbols of our personal identity, our unique mark, and the IMPRESSION of who we are that we are compelled to leave behind. These can be seen in clay trinkets from kindergarten, as graffiti on city walls, and in ancient caves around the world.

The modern scientific method of HAND ANALYSIS combined with ANCIENT WISDOM of PALM READING from around the world validates and supports my style of readership and approach to gaining insight.

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